How to improve your JEE score?

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JEE, the most challenging examination for the students who dream of becoming engineers. There are two main stages of this exam: JEE Main & JEE Advanced.

JEE score is also important to decide the rank of the aspirant & allocation of college also depends on the rank. The main exam is the deciding step for every Aspirants throughout the country, whereas admission into IITs is based on an Advanced Score. But many students are unable to get even decent score in this examination. let’s discuss how a student can improve his JEE score.

Following Strategies can be of big help to improve your JEE score:  

Mock tests: Solve as many mock exams or tests as you can. This will improve your accuracy and also help you in time bounded preparation.

Complete Syllabus: Such papers include all the 3 subjects combined and should be solved once you finish your entire syllabus & revision.

Revision: Revise as much as you can. Revision helps you to remember. You can also Revise with the help of self-made notes, mind maps, etc. The revision also boosts confidence & reduces anxiety too if done correctly.


  1. Go through the syllabus in detail & analyse every topic which is present there.
  2. Complete entire syllabus with a proper strategy & timetable to get sufficient time for revision.
  3. Focus on weak areas more & mark them so that you can revise them again and again until you are perfect.

Previous year question papers: To perform well, students have to solve minimum 8-10 previous year’s question papers in detail. After solving all of them, you will find a repetition of many questions & this will help you build concepts in detail. 

Practice numerical: Numericals also contribute a large number of questions in this exam. Students also should practice every day to get in-depth knowledge of the type of important questions that can be asked. Instead of mugging them up, you should write and practice them. Understanding theory is also very crucial for solving numerical problems. 

Try to focus on silly mistakes: All Students make such mistakes because of their anxiety & tension while solving JEE papers. Hence, mistakes for calculation or errors should be taken care of for getting a good score. Exam pressure or over-excitement can also lead to such mistakes. So, control your excitement & maintain focus on the exam. 

Time management: It will decide your JEE scores. It can lift as well as reduce your score. Students must take care of how much time needs to be allocated to each subject. And Moreover, the student must know which subject to begin with.   

Refer books, but a certified mentor is also important to guide you throughout your JEE Journey. For example, Mentors available on IITians spectrum who are subject experts and they can make your preparation stress-free and easy.

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