What is the ideal time to start JEE Advanced preparation ?

Deciding a stream and right career path after class 10th is the most difficult situation which almost everybody is facing in their lives. While few students really struggle to choose an ideal match for their careers, many are really confident about what they have to study.

Students aiming to crack JEE Advanced / MHT CET and get into their dream engineering colleges probably wonder about the right time to prepare for a competitive battle. Well, “the longer you sweat in training, the less you bleed in war”. The earlier you start preparing for the exams, the better it will be. Starting early in competitive exam accompanies with it quite a lot of advantages, they are:

It Improves your basics: Starting sooner will help you get your basics clear and right and enhance your mastery of the core syllabus. Undoubtedly, JEE Advanced and CET are considered tough exams. Give a head start to your preparation early will bless you with time to understand the concepts in great depth.

It Helps in learning from your mistakes: If you have the time, you can sit back, review, and act upon your mistakes patiently which will thus permit you to clear your doubts, improve and become better at every step.

It Builds confidence: Considering the ocean of syllabus for both JEE Advanced and MHT CET, preparation is not that easy but consistency, perseverance and determination can make you excel & grab a seat into your dream engineering college. Early training enhances confidence level.

 It Makes you balance other things quite well: There are other examinations & many other things to deal with when you are preparing for exams like JEE Advanced or CET and considering the massiveness of their syllabus and their competitiveness, managing other things along with them can be a difficult task. However, when you have a good amount of time, for say 2 or 3 years, then you can accomplish all things peacefully.

It Enables you to learn from others: Learning from others’ experience is as significant as learning from yours. On your journey of JEE Advanced / CET preparation, try taking advice from repeaters or toppers as to what to do & what not to do. Learning from actual test takers is certainly an added advantage which can help you for exams in a better yet efficient manner.

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