Why Am I Not Able to Get Results Even After Working Very Hard for JEE?

Many students say they are really working too hard for JEE exam & still they are not getting the expected results. If you’re doing any of the following, your efforts might be vain.

Reasons for Not Getting Results in JEE Despite Working Hard:

Studying for JEE without a study schedule, such as without specifying the amount of time you need to devote to a given subject. It is not a good idea to ignore a subject for more than a week.

Unnecessarily spending long periods on JEE exams topics that do not necessitate such in-depth study.

Using various books to answer questions on the same subject. Aside from your study materials, 1–2 books should suffice. Understand that if you can easily solve JEE exam prior years of a chapter, you’ve put in enough effort.

Studying with your phone on the table? If it is, you may feel compelled to check it from time to time. When you stand up after sitting for eight hours, you will have just lost eight hours because you were not concentrating, and everything you learned will most likely be forgotten.

Instead of reviewing the theory that your teacher pushed you to absorb on the spot, you should focus on practice questions. The theory is crucial, but so are the questions. You might remember how to solve a question, but you’ll forget the most basic formula.

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