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Aim to evolve continuously through our interactive pedagogy


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We believe in learning through understanding.

Every JEE-Aspirant is nurtured, guided and developed to the best of their potential.

  • Interactive pedagogy methods

    DPS (Daily Practice Sheets), Detailed Assessments, Teacher Evaluation Program, varied test paper patterns and more.

  • Application based questions

    Students today respond to rote-based questions. However, they fail to answer application based questions due to mis-aligned concepts. We aim at addressing this fundamental problem.

Deep insight into student psychology.

Efficient methods of teaching, based on detailed research and a comprehensive database of student learning.

  • 87 years of cumulative experience in JEE education
  • 12 IITianss who are experts in their respective fields with technical and behavioural competencies.
  • Above 3500 students in India over the last 10 years
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Delivering education at your child's fingertips

With the right technology, we make learning not just easy, but also fun.

  • Mock tests that mimick real world engineering entrace exams

    Our simulated test environment helps students practice their entrace exams multiple times beforehand, helping them stay calm and confident during the real test.

  • Easy access to specialized study material

    Our mobile app allows students 24/7 easy access to our proprietary study material proven to spark their curiosity.

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Two Year Integrated Course for JEE

JEE Main + JEE Advanced + Boards

(Target IIT-JEE - 2024)

Appearing / Appeared for Class X board examination in year 2022

Two Year Integrated Course for MHT-CET

MHT-CET + Boards

(Target MHT-CET - 2024)

Appearing / Appeared for Class X board examination in year 2022

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