Top 5 Silly Mistakes to Avoid As A JEE Aspirant

Achieving your desired rank in JEE is not a big challenge if your approach towards your studies is well structured. It’s not a lack of knowledge that creates a big gap between AIR 1 and AIR 100, but students commit silly mistakes. So, this blog is here to make you aware of some of the standard silly mistakes that you must be committing without even realizing it.

Not focusing on all the subjects- As a JEE aspirant, you must understand that it’s inevitable to prepare all three subjects, i.e., Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, well. You need to ensure the balance between all of them so that you can try other subject’s questions if you get stuck on a particular topic of other subjects. Do not just put your focus and energy on only one subject. All 3 are equally important to crack IIT-JEE.

Not sticking to a timetable- Many students make a timetable, but their mistake is not to follow it. They just procrastinate & think they will follow it from tomorrow. Remember, a timetable preserves your schedule in place and makes you disciplined, so it is essential to follow your best timetable religiously. Try to include breaks in your plan so that it doesn’t get monotonous for you.

Not paying heed to the basic concepts- IIT-JEE is a battle that requires a strong knowledge of the basic concepts to win. However, many of the students fail to acknowledge this fact. You must make it a point to experiment with NCERT, study, and understand all its concepts before hopping onto any other extra reference book. Do not cram the topics and start solving the questions without a basic understanding of the concepts.

Leaving essential topics for the eleventh hour is the biggest mistake many students commit. See, you cannot afford to go to the essential issues you know to have the highest probability of coming in the exam at the last minute. You should keep them on the priority list & prepare them well. The last hours before the exam would not be sufficient to study those crucial topics.

Not appearing for mock tests- Note that the mock tests are a preview of what will come in the main exam. They greatly help you practice for the main exam and help you escalate your speed and accuracy to answer all the questions in time and correctly. So, you better don’t underestimate the importance of mock tests.

Thus, it’s time to get over these silly mistakes & march steps ahead to crack IIT-JEE & fulfill your academic goals. All the best!

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