Every engineering student’s dream is to pass the JEE Main exam. It’s the entrance exam for qualifying for the JEE Advanced exam which can lead you to IITs. There is a lot of promotion for this exam all the time. Even if the programme is difficult, it is not impossible. The competitiveness surrounding the test is why it is so difficult to crack. In 2022, over 10 lakh candidates took the JEE entrance examination. 

Just 2,20,000 candidates qualified for the JEE Advanced exam in the same year. This may represent only 5% of the total number of students enrolled. Because of the tight competition, students are required to stay on their toes. Here are a number of suggestions on how to successfully manage your time.

Study schedule:

Make a cost-effective, good study plan. The plan should be made with the strengths & limitations in mind. Your study schedule should include breaks because your brain needs time to relax too.


It’s pointless to create an inspiration rather than face the death penalty. You must complete the task. Stick to the crafted plan at all times. You are the owner of your mind; therefore, so dont allow external pressure or influencers to control your thoughts. 

Do Practice tests:

To succeed in JEE exam, you must first understand the kind of questions that may be asked so that you can arrange them in efficient manner. Taking practise tests can help you understand the exam’s difficulty level & it can also help you recognise your strengths & weaknesses too. This will make it much easier for you to plan out your study routines.

Perform Mock Tests:

Mock tests are the best way as they are made to simulate the feel of a real exam. These routine exams help you in knowing how well your preparation is. This will be used to know how many questions were answered in the given time. If that number is low, appropriate efforts should be made to raise it.

To conclude, time management is one of the most important skills to master before taking the JEE exam. This exams puts your time management abilities to the test and the topic knowledge you have on each of the topics. The skill to manage your time does not come back to you immediately. It requires a great deal of commitment and follow-through. It may appear difficult and overwhelming, but the right technique and mentorship will make this path of clearing JEE easier.

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