Reasons to Choose Classroom Coaching Over Online Coaching For JEE

JEE Advanced is one of the most difficult entrance exams to crack. With the volume of concepts covered to the detailed knowledge required, training your mind for this examination is not as easy as it would be for others. Every student aiming to study engineering from the premier IIT institutes have indeed considered how to prepare for it with the humongous syllabi it involves, which coaching institute to choose, & if online coaching would ever be adequate.

While the world is shifting to the online ways of living, from ordering food to booking tickets or learning, online coaching for exams like JEE Advanced can never be replaced by classroom learning experiences. The most complicated learning in JEE Advanced’s syllabus can be simplified by the presence of a coach/ guide around you. Classroom training delivers all those things that online coaching doesn’t. Let’s have a look at some of them:

1) A natural learning environment that we know and are comfortable with

We have been learning in the classroom style in schools for over 15 years. Changing ways to learn online might be hard for some of us!

2) Direct access to teachers

Remember when we had doubts and could go to the teachers and have our doubts answered? Now imagine raising a ticket or chatting with a bot to clarify your questions in the online process. It sounds inconvenient.

3) Interactions with fellow students and peer to peer learning experience

You might not admit how much you have learned from your fellow students. The shortcuts that you do while solving a math problem, to knowing that chemistry formula that is so tough to understand, you might have picked up so many things from your friends around you.

4) General doubts clearing sessions 

You might not even know some questions you have until a fellow student asks them in the class. Such mutual doubt solving sessions can get easily missed out in online coachings.

5) The personal touch that teachers bring into a class

Some learning methods of mentors remain with you forever, and this is because of the personal touch that each professor brings to the class. This can never be adapted for online coachings.

6) Pacing the entire batch and changing the process of teaching

One of the benefits of classroom training is that the teacher understands that the students in a batch might need extra help or a different learning approach towards a certain topic. Because of teachers’ attention, this problem can be easily solved. Whereas in online coaching, students might get in a fix & not be able to handle such issues.

While offline classroom coaching can be supplemented with online learnings in the form of snippets or online test series, we are far from automating & making the process of training for JEE Advanced entirely online!

With a small batch size & a high student teacher ratio, we at IITians spectrum ensures that here enough attention is paid to the growth of every student. IITians spectrum has many students clearing JEE Advanced with a good number of students getting double-digit ranks.

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