JEE Preparation Plan for 30 Days

When there are around 30 days left for JEE Main, i.e. 10 days for each subject, the schedule you’re on right now could make or break your chances of passing this exam. Use these suggestions to make the most of your 30 days.

It should be a top priority to revise:

When only one month remains for the JEE, most students are left with part of the remaining course material. There are two possibilities in this situation: either cover the remaining material or revise the syllabus that has already been covered.

At this crucial stage, you should proceed with your revision without hesitation. Instead of attempting to cover the remaining material, you are more likely to achieve better grades in the JEE Main if you have revised the covered syllabus.

Make a comprehensive plan:

Practice at least two mock tests per day in addition to revision. Create an exam-like environment around you while taking the tests.

Subject-specific approach:

Write down the main equations and results, chapters, and themes as you move through each topic in physics. These findings are especially useful on the day of the final exam. Practice as many questions as you can while keeping in mind your time constraints.

Chemistry: NCERT Chemistry for grades 11 and 12 must be completely revised. They not only cover the entire curriculum, but they also go over each topic in depth. At the end of each chapter, the activities must also be completed in full.

Math: Review all of the key formulas and answer as many questions as possible.

Concentrate on improving your concentration rather than hiding yourself within the four walls of your room. An early walk will always help you concentrate better. It’s not a waste of time because it boosts your productivity too. After you’ve finished revising a section, take a little rest. Focusing your energy and keeping your mind fresh aids in enhancing retention power.

Working hard is the only way to achieve success. You must work tirelessly, and with only one month remaining, you must work even more tirelessly. The only way to get success is to put in a lot of effort. The strength of your concepts also determines your ability to succeed in JEE Main. In JEE Main,  study the subjects completely, practise, and comprehend the weightage of each topic. You’ll be more prepared and confident if you practice every day.

Cramming will never help you because the questions in JEE Main are all application-based and replication based.

Best wishes!

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