JEE Advanced: Tips to Deliver Optimum & Score Maximum!

When you are in your last leg of preparation for JEE Advanced, it is essential to work out the best study schedule to deliver optimum on the JEE day. Here are a few tips on How to Prepare for JEE Advanced without losing track:

Focus on Formula, Theorems, & Concepts: By this time, your preparation for JEE Advanced should be near completion. With multiple formulae, theorems & concepts, you are likely to get confused, and to avoid the same, it is suggested to pen them down and keep revising them as and when needed. It will help you recall better. You can follow other ways to memorize, such as co-relating them with names or patterns that are easy to remember.

Concentrate on Topics That You Have Studied: As you set out on the course to attain Excellence in JEE Advanced, you will likely encounter topics that you haven’t studied yet. Do not take up anything new. It’s time to concentrate on topics you have already covered and make your concepts and concept connections stronger.

Do Not Let Doubts outrank your Preparation: It is that crucial phase of preparation when you cannot allow even a single doubt to nourish. However, if you come across any, stay calm and navigate the waters around it. Approach your parents, teachers, and mentors if needed. If you get bogged down by any doubt, ensure you get it cleared on time.

Quality time for Revision: Make enough time to revise whatever you have studied till now. Having enough time in hand will enable you to revise the concepts entirely. The shallow revision will not help you much. Once again, Preserve to Memory; this is the time to revise what you have studied.

Remember – The first step towards the Success Ladder is to be efficient in what you have studied to date, while the second step needs you to keep a check on your health. If you are healthy and active, you are sure to perform optimally.

Do’s and Don’ts before the exam:

  1. Do not create unnecessary stress for yourself by studying before the exam, as that will directly impact your health and might affect your results as well.
  2. Take at least 6-7 Hours of enough sleep so that you wake up fresh in the morning.
  3. Have a very light dinner a day before the examination.
  4. Reach the Examination Center at least an hour before the commencement of the exam to avoid any panic situation. Precautions are always better than suffering.
  5. Have a light breakfast like a sandwich etc. Don’t go with an empty belly or on a full belly.
  6. Remember to take your Admit Card and stationary as permitted.
  7. Don’t discuss any subject-related things with friends.
  8. Don’t carry any book or notebooks to the examination hall.
  9. Stay away from the ones who are doing last-minute revision in the exam center.
  10. Read the instructions given in the question paper carefully.
  11. Go ahead & let your efforts drive you to deliver your best. Most importantly – Believe in Yourself, and you will Succeed!

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