Is it true that practice makes a man perfect?

“Practice makes man perfect” this old age saying is the one of the most important aspects of success in any area. Although some people seem to have a natural talent for a certain subject or skill, mastery requires time, repetition, and stepping outside of one’s comfort zone — there is no quick fix.

While author and public speaker Malcolm Gladwell claims that being an expert in a given field requires 10,000 hours of effort, Someone correctly said that it only needs 20 hours of monthly practice to go from “knowing nothing to something.”

Whether you look at how many hours Michael Jordan spent on the court sharpening his athletic skills or how many hours Mohammad Rafi spent perfecting his vocal skills, the bottom line is that they all worked hard and were never satisfied. They were always looking for new ways to improve their skill. On a more intellectual level, the same principle applies. Here are five reasons why students need to practise –

1. Structured Practice Is Required

The better you control your practice session time, the more focused it will be, and the faster you’ll learn systematically. Learning takes time, and consistent practice delivers consistent positive results. And, in every field of study, there is a lot of material to thoroughly absorb – for example, the difficulty level of Mathematics in class 9 is considerably different from Mathematics in class 12. You’ll get closer to your goals if you put in more effort!

2. Practice Helps in Absorption

While certain abilities are practised consciously — for example, playing tennis three times a week or taking piano lessons 5 times in a week – others are internalised to the point where they are practised automatically. Walking or cooking, for example, are activities that you engage in without actively focusing on each activity.

When you frequently practise your academic skillsets for your competitive exam, you’ll be surprised at how much material you subconsciously internalise during your free time. In essence, practice allows a student to effortlessly apply knowledge or skills without thinking about it too much. For example, reading a line as a 5-year-old child would have required much conscious effort, whereas reading this post now feels effortless.

3. Practice builds a sense of discipline

Taking the time to practise requires focus, clear goal-setting, and commitment – all of which are skills that will serve you well in the long run, both personally and professionally. When you decide to give up an hour of Netflix or a night of video games with your friends in exchange for academic greatness, you will notice a difference, encouraging you to continue on track for your competitive exams.

4. Practice Modifies The Brain In Distinctive Ways

Short periods of practice, according to research, can truly improve the brain’s plasticity and change its structure. According to brain imaging, even a brief lesson, such as learning new words, can affect brain circuits and speed up knowledge retrieval. Through careful practice, you may swiftly access more complex information stored in your long-term memory and apply it. Open-ended short answer examinations are a terrific way to see how far you’ve come in this area.

5. Practice sessions act as a checkpoint.

Academic practice sessions are useful checkpoints for flagging weak spots on time so they can be addressed before it’s too late. They are an effective way to track progress in a particular area before a crucial milestone like a final exam. Still, they also act as useful checkpoints for reporting weak spots on time so they can be addressed before it’s too late.

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