Common mistakes to avoid while preparing for JEE

Several mistakes can put a significant difference on your JEE score and hence, should be avoided by all means. They are: Not studying NCERT’s: You must read NCERT’s to help you develop a solid foundation.

Don’t overthink too much about the results as this will always put excessive mental pressure and even you won’t study well. Change your strategy & study pattern only when you feel like your current plan is not of any help while solving mocks.

Below are most common mistakes that students must avoid during JEE Main preparation:

Ignoring the basics:

Students should primarily stick with NCERT course books and head towards reference books only upon its completion. Also, the Class XI syllabus constitutes a substantial portion of the JEE exam. Ensure that you revise all its topics simultaneously along with your Class XII syllabus. If an examination is fast approaching, identify the recurring Class XI questions from the previous year’s question papers and specifically revise those topics.

Avoiding conceptual understanding:

It has been observed that all students prefer a method-based approach rather than applying a conceptual understanding over the questions. Initially, this approach might serve the purpose. Still, it can become quite detrimental for students because many times, a slightly off-patterned question becomes difficult to understand despite being framed on similar lines. Thus, it is always sound to apply concepts in every topic you practice.

Doubting oneself:

This possibly is the biggest Problem that students make during the preparation. Trust yourself and your abilities. Develop a positive mindset. To do so, implement a goal-oriented strategy. Students who cannot deal with this problem must initially set long goals. Moving forward, successively decrease the time period between. However, this should not be done during last 15 days.

Key Takeaways 

JEE preparation throughout requires patience & constant practice. Stick to your strategy and Also, refer to trends of previous year papers so that you do not miss any important topic. Best of luck with your preparation & exam. 

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